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Overlord Walkthrough The Moist Hollows

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Follow the path down. At the arch a cut scene will begin. Keep following path around the water. There will be some birds to kill on the way.

When you get to where you can go down in the water, guard marker you minions. To the right is a path only they can cross.

Go down and cross the water. On the other side are red, green, and brown summoning pits. And a blue summoning pit next to the hive. Call back your minions.

Get some blue minions. Go to the right. Some of the birds have 6 blue minions trapped.

Set some reds on a guard marker either on the upper ledge where you are, or the lower area where only minions can go. This should kill most of the birds.

Now to get the rest make a guard marker for all down in the lower area. Call back a blue minion. Have the minion grab an egg.

This will cause the remaining birds to chase it. Sweep the blue minion back to the others and drop the egg. The birds will come in and get killed by your minions.

Call back all your minions and go back to the hive. Make sure you have 10 blue minions. Have the blues grab the hive.

They will start the long journey to bring it to the teleporter. Go up the path and clear the mushrooms with the other minions.

Go down the left fork and set a guard marker for any color other than blue.

Go down the right fork and cross the water. The blues will stop near some wisps. Only the blues can kill wisps. Kill the wisps.

Clear the path of any mushrooms and continue on the path. When you get to the water spouts recall all your minions. Guard marker all the others. Select your blues. To the right of the water spouts will be a big rock. Have the blues pull the rock.

Back and to the right is a path going down to the water.

Down here are six wisps. Kill them with the blues.

Follow the path around and to the left. As you start climbing, some birds will attack. Kill the birds with the overlord. The blues wouldn't last in a fight.

You will come to a point where you can see the first rock and the water spouts. To the left will be a rock. Have the blues pull the rock.

The water spouts are gone. Making it safe for the other minions and clearing the path for the hive.

Call back all your minions and have the blues carry the hive.

Follow the path until you see a blue minion standing near the water. A big snake pops out of the water and eats the minion.

Call back all your minions. Set a guard marker for all of your minions semi close to the snake.

Hopefully this way any blues at the marker will resurrect any minions killed by the snake. Go near the snake and summon any color minion. I used browns since I had a lot of their life force. When the minion gets near the snake he will eat the minion. That is when you attack.

An alternative I came up with later was to put the blues on a guard marker down in an area on the left near the water. Then I put greens on a marker near the snake. When I summoned one, the snake attacked. The remaining greens jumped on his back.

The blues should resurrect any that drown in the water.

Now go down in the water and go around to where the snake was. Follow the water around behind the snake back up on land.

Go to the right and you will find a wheel. Have your minions turn the wheel and make a bridge.

Go back to the hive. Have the blues carry the hive. They will take around through the water. The other minions should follow you back across the bridge. Soon after the health fountain there will be some beetles that come from the ground. Kill them and then sweep the mushrooms from the blues path.

Going down the path you will come across some frogs. The small ones are no problem, but the big ones can be. Kill them with your other minions.

Past the frogs a bridge is down and the wheel is beyond a geyser filed room. Even the blue minions can die here.

Set your blues on a guard marker and target the marker. Move the guard marker with the RS. Move the guard marker past each geyser.

Once they reach the wheel your minions turn the wheel to fix the bridge.

Go back to where you left the hive and have the blues pick it back up. Go back and cross the bridge.

When the path gets blocked by mushrooms, remember this place. There is a big bag of gold to the right.

Clear the path for the blues. You will come to another set of water spouts. Go to the right.

Follow this path and just before the rock guard marker the minions. Attack the frogs.

There are also some wisps down here. Kill them with the blue minions.

Have the blues pull the rock.

Go back to the spouts. Go left this time and set a marker near the water.

Select blues and go across the water. There are two big blue beetles in the water.

Across the water is a wheel guarded by the birds. Guard marker the blues. Call back one minion. Send it to grab an egg.

When the birds come after the blue minion run him through the geysers and the birds will follow and get cooked.

Repeat this until there are no more birds. Then get all of your blues, and have them turn the wheel to fix the bridge.

Cross the bridge and have your minions pull the rock.

Go back to the spouts. Have the blues pick up the hive. When you get to the water have the minions clear the way. The blues will carry the hive out in to the water to a teleporter.

One of the waterfalls on the right will disappear, opening a way outside.

Send any minions of any color than blue back in their summoning pit. Now go back to the big bag of money. Have the blues pick up the bag of gold.

Go through the water and the opening.