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Overlord Walkthrough Evernight Forest After Viridian Caverns

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When you come out of the caverns, green beetles will attack. Go to the left and clear the poison gas field.

Then have your minions attack the node.

Have the greens finish clearing the poison plants on the other side of the node.

Follow the path straight back to Oberon. Back at Oberon to his right another root is gone and you can get a tower object. It is the Shield spell. Have your minions grab it. You may want to clear the way first as monsters will have respawn.

Now go back to Oberon. Take the left path that is blocked by poison plants. Clear the plants. Go around the building. Follow the path down the stairs. Go up the stairs on the other side.

Set a guard marker up here. Go back down the stairs and around to the left. A big rat creature will break the barricade down.

Attack the creature. The greens should jump on its back and stab the creature. The other minions will do what they normally do.

Call back your minions. Climb the stairs. Continue along the path. You will come to a courtyard teeming with creatures. The horned creatures can resurrect fallen monsters. So make these your primary targets. Kill all the monsters here.

Once everything is dead, heal up and replenish your minions. Because once you kill the node, more monsters will come from where you entered from. Have your minions kill the node.

Kill the new creatures. Once again make sure you kill the horned creatures first. One of the Minotaur like creatures has the missing red rod from the wheel.

Have a minion grab the red rod.

Have your minions turn the wheel and open the nearby door.

Go through the door. Follow the path to the other end. You will find a tower object. It increases max minions by 5. Wahoo, you now have twenty minions. Have your minions carry it back to the teleporter.

This is all you can do here for now. Go to the tower and then Heaven's Peak.