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Overlord Walkthrough Heavens Peak After The Moist Hollows

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Sweep the area of birds. Careful the only minions you have are the blues. In the middle of the area is a big bag of gold. Have the blues carry it back to the teleporter.

Go to the tower. Use the tower heart and go to Mellow Hills. Get some blue minions. Go out the back of the teleporter.

As you cross the shortcut you made earlier you should see a tower object. It increases your max minion capacity.

Keep following the path around to the right and down to the water’s edge.

Have your minions carry the object back to the teleporter. Teleport back to the tower. Go to Heaven's Peak swamp. Get some minions. Go down to water’s edge near the sewer.

Have the blues move the pillar blocking the sewer entrance.

Zombies will come out of the water. Run back to your minions you set on the marker. This should kill the zombies.

Once the zombies are dead go in to the sewers.