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Overlord Walkthrough The Halfway to Heaven Inn

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Go behind the bar and a cut scene will begin. Follow the red robed man through the door. Corrupt Kill All the Inn's patrons for some corruption.

Follow the hallway. At the bottom of stairs red robed man will run to the right. Follow after him.

Behind the wall of barrels is a bunch of rats. Break the barrels and then sweep your minions after the rats.

Towards the end of the hallway there are two doors. Have your minions break down the door on the left first. There is a health fountain behind the door.

Now have your minions break down the other door. There is a small hallway and a door.

Have your minions break this door as well. When you enter the room the man you've been chasing goes through a gate.

Behind the door on the left is a tower object. It increases your minion capacity by 5. Have your minions carry it back to the tower.

Have your minions open the door on the right. Go through door and then to the right. There is a wheel behind the gate that only the minions can get to right now. Have them turn the wheel.

Once you start turning the wheel the red robed people start attacking you. Go back to the room with the gate. Go through the gate.

Follow hallway up the stairs and down the stairs to the left. At the bottom a cut scene will begin. Go down the hallway to the right.

At the end of the hallway is a wheel to open gate back in to bar. Behind the door is a rat and a red summoning pit. Go back to the room with the red robed people and the wheel. Turn the wheel. The people will attack. Kill them with your minions.

Go through the door. Oh joy the succubus queen. Fight her the same way as the succubus in the swamp. When she lands send in your minions.

After the succubus queen is dead have your minions grab the tower object. It kills the three succubuses outside Angelis Keep.

Go to the wheel at the end of hallway and have minions turn it.

Go back to town. Outside the inn, go down the stairs on the right. Then go down another stairs to the right. You will come to a wall that can be knocked down.

Follow the path behind wall. To the right when there is a fork.

Keep following this path. At the corner there will be some zombies. Have your minions kill them.

Follow this path to the left. At the top of the stairs go left and then take another left. This will leave you in front of the Castle.

Go through archway to castle. Climb up the stairs all the way to the top.

To the right of the door is every color summoning pits. Replenish minions if you need to. Enter the castle.