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Overlord Walkthrough Skull Den

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Follow the path to the bottom. Along the way some of those rat things pop out of the ground. At the bottom of the path, are some of the horned things. Have your minions kill them all.

At the bottom, go to the right. There are more of the horned creatures. There is also one of the big Minotaur looking creatures.

Once in the room go to the right. At the four way intersection, go left. Kill the three horned creatures. Keep following the path and at the end is a tower object. It increases your mana. Have your minions grab the object.

When your minions grab the object four horned creatures appear. Kill the creatures. Go back to the intersection and turn left. After the intersection is a passage to the left. At the end of the passage is a node.

Kill the node. Behind you some rat creatures and a Minotaur like creature spawn. Kill the creatures, then go back to the room you fought the first Minotaur creature in the cave.

There will be a passage to the right. It will take you back to the Evernight Forest.