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Overlord Walkthrough The Town of Heavens Peak

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In Heaven's Peak, go to the left and towards the back. There is a fire here. Put it out with reds. Corrupt Kill the people of the town for more corruption if you need it.

There is a big group of zombies here.

Have your minions kill the zombies. To the left of where you came in is a set of stairs.

Climb the stairs and then destroy the barrels.

There are a bunch of knights and several priests. The priest will resurrect all the enemies. Kill enough of them and they will stop all hostilities.

To the left down a path and then to the right is a big bag of gold. Have your minions carry it back to teleporter.

To the left of the gold is a wheel. Turn the wheel and open the second bridge.

Go back to the main city gates. To the right is a tower object. It is the Flamethrower spell. Have the minions take it to the tower.

To the left of the gates is a fire. Have the reds put the fire out.

After the fire are some zombies. Have your minions kill them. At the archway, go left. At the top of stairs zombies will attack.

To the right is a fire. Put the fire out with reds. The town’s people behind the fire will turn in to zombies. Have your minions take out the trash.

To the left will be some fires. Put the fires out with red minions. Climb the stairs. At the top is the Inn everyone is talking about.

Enter the Halfway to Heaven Inn.