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Overlord Walkthrough Viridian Caverns

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Follow the green minions down the path. At the fork, go to the right after the green minions.

You will run across a green beetle. Have your minions kill the beetle.

Continue down the path. A cut scene will begin of the green minions killing the plant that makes the poison gas. Following the path, the Overlord will come across three more of the big green beetle. Have your minions kill them.

Follow the path out the other side of the area where you fought the beetles.

On the path to the left there will be some of the poison gas. Take the right half of the path.

Past the gas is a barricade. Have your minions break it.

Follow the path behind the barricade. It leads to an open area. In the center is a block to make a bridge with. Have your minions move the block.

Once in place run around the left side to cross this room.

Follow the path out of the room. Go to the right when the minions do.

Be careful of the plant on the wall. It shoots poison gas.

Time yourself to run when the gas stops. After the plant are a couple green beetles and another plant. Kill the beetles.

Then run past the plant at the right time. Past this plant are a couple more beetles and three jet plants in a row. Oh joy. Kill the beetles and then run past the plants.

Past the three jet plants is a barricade and block to make a bridge. Break down the barricade with your minions.

Past the barricade are a health fountain and a red and a brown summoning pit. Keep following the path and you come behind the block. Have your minions push the block.

The minions will push it through the poison plants and straight in to place to form a bridge. Follow them until you can go right to a barricade and a jet plant.

Time it so your minions break the barricade when the jet stops and then run through.

Keep following the path around to the left and cross the block the minions moved. There will be a teleporter on your right after bridge. The green minions you have been following will jump in their summoning pit. Summon a few greens to get their hive.

Ok this makes sense. Oh they want you to take the long road. Well have your green minions grab their hive and watch them run in the direction of the teleporter at the entrance to the cave.

Follow this path until they reach a poison gas field. Sweep the green minions through it to destroy it.

Garb the hive and continue on the path.

Keep to the paths to the right and you end up back in the big room where you moved the block to make a bridge. Sweep the greens through the room to clear it.

Once the room is clear have your minions carry the hive again. Follow the path leading out of the room.

Keep following the path and have the greens sweep the poison plants. There will be another big room. When you get to it, green beetles will attack. Kill the beetles.

When the beetles are dead have the minions carry the hive again. Once past the next patch of poison plant is a wild troll.

Send your green minions to kill the troll.

Now have the minion turn the wheel.

Cross the bridge and follow the path. Clear the patch of poison plants. Continue along the path to the right and you will reach the teleporter.

Exit the cavern back to Evernight Forest.