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Overlord Walkthrough Melvins Kitchen

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Go forward down the hallway. To the right will be a teleporter. In the room to the left will be a summoning pit.

In the glowing red room, Sweep your minions to the left and they will turn a wheel on the far side of room.

This will let the red minions loose. The red minions will roast the chefs. Have your minions open the gate.

Follow the hallway after the gate. You will come to an open gate where Melvin awaits you.

Melvin is easy to beat. Just like the troll before, send in your minions. When he goes to jump call the minions back. Once he gets half way through his life, He will change his tactic.

His new tactic will be to roll around the room. Avoid Melvin while he is rolling around the room. When he stops send your minions in to attack him.

When the minions get his life down to zero, he will walk to center of room and do a belly flop. Gnarl will suggest you pop him like a balloon. Attack him with your axe.

Congratulations you have killed the Hero Melvin. After Melvin is dead go through the open gate.

Follow the hallway. When you can go left, straight ahead is a teleporter and a summoning pit.

Follow the hallway to the left. In the big room there is a wheel on the left side of room. Have your minions use it to free the red minions.

The red minions will go and jump in their summoning pit. You will need some red minions for this next part. So if you are at max amount of minions. Target the brown pit and hit the RT to send them back. Then summon five red minions.

Gnarl will now teach you how to pick one color of minion. Hold RB and press the B button.

Turn to your right and you will see a barricade thatís on fire. Send your red minions in and they will destroy the barricade.

In the room past the barricade will be the red minions hive. Clear the room of the fire beetles with the reds.

After you have cleared the beetles, you should have enough red life-force to summon five more reds. Do so. Once you have 10 red minions, have them grab the red minion hive.

Follow the path around to the left. A cut scene will begin of some Halflings running in to the lower section of room. Call back your red minions.

Now have your red minions attack the Halflings. This will cause the Halflings to open the gate for you.

Kill the Halflings. Have the reds grab the hive. Go through the gate and follow hallway to a big room. Gnarl will teach you about guard markers. Choose the red minions and set a guard marker.

This will allow the reds to kill the chefs as they come for the browns while they turn the wheel. Have the browns turn the wheel.

When the wheel is turned it opens the door, and shuts down the flames at the bottom of the stairs. Have the reds grab the red hive. Then go through the open door.

At the end of the hallway behind the door is a teleporter. The reds will set their hive on it and send it to the tower. Use the teleporter and go to the tower. Use the tower heart and go to Mellow Hills.