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Overlord Walkthrough Halfling Homes

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Move towards the door and a summoning pit and teleporter will open.

Have your minions break the door down. Kill the Halflings on the other side of door.

After the Halflings are dead go to the left and down the hallway to another room. Kill the sleeping Halflings in here and sack the room.

Back to the first room and break the door down. There are Halflings on the other side of the door.

After the door, walk down the hallway and go through the first door on your right. Down the ramp to the left will be some Halflings. In the jumping baskets are rats.

Following the path after the lower section, when it turns left, straight ahead is a Halfling hole. You must send in minions to close the hole. Otherwise Halflings will keep coming out of the hole.

Go to the first Halfling hole then go right. Close this Halfling hole as well. Turn right and go down this path. Kill the Halfling at the end of hallway.

Go to the right killing another Halfling on the way. Turn left at the corner. Ransack the room. In the corner will be a big sack of gold. Have your minions bring it back to the teleporter.

After the minions take the gold back, on your way back you may notice a useable object. This is a wheel you must use to open the next door.

Go back to the door that just opened. Go through the door.

After the door on the left will be a door. Go through this door. At the top of the stairs to the right is a Halfling hole and a wheel.

Close the hole. Leave the wheel for now. On other side of room is another Halfling hole. Close this hole as well. Ransack the room when all the Halflings are dead.

Have your minions turn the wheel to free the slaves. Now go back to the hallway and turn left.

Once you are in the hallway, turn to the left. Then have your minions break the door down.

Once in the room go to the left. There are three Halfling holes. Close the Halfling holes. Once the holes are closed smash the giant pumpkin.

Inside is a tower object. It will increase your minion capacity by 5. Have your minions bring it to the teleporter.

Go back yourself and get the extra 5 minions. Go back to the great pumpkin room. Ahead and to the right is a red wheel that is broken.

To fix the wheel you need to go down the stairs to the right of the wheel and break down the door.

Behind the door are a couple of Halflings. Have your minions kill them.

Take the stairs to the left. At the top of stairs kill the sleeping Halflings. Then have your minions break the door down.

Go through door and turn right. Climb the stairs. At the top of stairs have your minions sweep the room killing Halflings and rats. When clear have a minion grab red wheel rod and bring it back to the wheel.

Go down the hallway to the right. Have your minions turn wheel.

Go back to hallway. Turn left at the bottom of stairs. Go to the open door. There are five Halfling holes to close in here.

Have a minion grab the red wheel rod in here and bring it back to the wheel.

Go back to the wheel. Have your minions turn the wheel.

Go through the door. Follow the hallway. There will be a teleporter and a summoning pit here. Through the door at the end is a big Halfling party. Enter the room and sneak to the left.

Sweep your minions to close Halfling holes. When this area is cleared go back to where you entered from.

This time sneak to the right side. Sweep this area of Halfling holes and rats. Once this area is cleared go back to door.

Now is the time to crash the main party. Sweep your minions in to kill the Halflings.

After the party is crashed have your minions use the wheel to open the door.

Go through the door. Turn right at the corner. There will be a Halfling chef to kill here.

Follow the hallway behind the chef. A cut scene will begin. Continue down hallway after the cut scene. Turn left at the corner.

Follow this hallway to another left turn. Sweep this area of chefs and rats.

Go deeper in the kitchen. There will be a gate wheel and the food for the village of Spree. Have your minions open the gate.

Next have your minions grab the food. They will start bringing the food back to the teleporter. Once they get past the gate the villagers will come for the food.

At this point you have a choice. Uncorrupt Call back your minions and leave the food on the elevator for the villagers of Spree. Corrupt or you can keep the food for some corruption.

Now go back all the way to the beginning of the Halfling homes. The Halflings and rats will have respawned while you were gone. Kill them again. Exit the Halfling homes.