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Overlord Walkthrough Slave Camp

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In the slave camp follow the path. When the Overlord gets to the turn in the path some peasants will talk.

Follow the path and at the open area sweep your minions to the left platform to kill the stone throwers. Then sweep to the right platform for some more stone throwers.

Move up to the platform on the right. Sweep your minions to the next platform.

Next sweep your minions to Halflings and then to platform in the back.

Now move to where you can see the gate and sweep your minions to the stairs on the gates left and move them to the end of the platform.

Move up to the platform to the left of the gates. Now sweep your minions to the wheel to free the peasants.

When the peasants are freed, they will attack the nearby Halflings. Sit back and watch them.

After the Halflings are dead continue down the hill on the path.

At the bottom will be more Halflings. Kill the Halflings.

The path goes to the right here. But the Halflings have a surprise in store for the Overlord. They unleash a troll on you.

Just either send your minions or sweep them onto the troll. Then pull them back when he does his jump attack.

Once hes standing again sweep them in to finish the job.

Halflings will attack when the troll is dead. Kill the Halflings as well.

Sweep your minions to the wheel to open this gate.

Go through the gate. To your right will be the crane. Sweep your minions to pick the crane up.

Once the crane has been taken to your tower, sweep your minions to the wheel and free the slaves of Spree.

The gate will open if you free the slaves. Only thing up there are some Halflings to kill and some treasure. Use the teleporter to return to the tower. The tower will be cleaned up.

Gnarl will give you a new mission, to get yourself a mistress. Sweet where can I sign up for that. Well time to visit Spree. Use the tower heart and choose Mellow Hills.