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Overlord Walkthrough The Dark Tower

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Welcome to the tutorial sequence of Overlord. When you see the Uncorrupt in this walkthrough, that portion of the guide is for doing 0% corruption game. Corrupt is for a 100% corruption game.

There will be a cut scene of the Overlord being dug up. After the cut scene you will have control of the new Overlord.

Follow Gnarl and the path to a door.

Go through the door and enter the Spawning Pit of the Tower.

Gnarl will tell you about summoning minions. Summon 3 minions.

Now you will have a choice. Go to the tower or follow Gnarl and learn more about the controls. Follow Gnarl to a door.

Exit the pit through the door. You will be outside. A cut scene will play. After the cut scene, you will be in an open area with the Jester.

Gnarl will tell you how to attack and then suggest you try it on the Jester. So attack the Jester.

After you hit the Jester 5 times, Gnarl will tell you how to lock on.

So lock on and attack him again. After you hit him for a bit he will run across a log out of your reach. Gnarl will then teach you how to send minions.

Send all your minions after him. After they attack him a bit Gnarl teaches you how to call them back. Call the minions back.

Now Gnarl will teach you how to sweep your minions. Sweep your minions after the Jester.

The Jester will run away. Sweep your minions after him again. The Jester will run away again. You can either sweep the minions after him again or go to the tower. Follow Gnarl down the path.

A cut scene will begin. Gnarl will explain your dungeon heart only has enough power to send you to the last place the heart was known to be. Enter the pool of water.