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Overlord Walkthrough Mellow Hills

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When you arrive in Mellow Hills, you should see a summoning pit with a 3 above it. Go to the pit and summon 3 minions.

Follow Gnarl down the path. Send your minions to kill the sheep.

When the minions have killed the sheep go back to the summoning pit and summon 2 more minions.

Now that you have 5 minions time to move the pillar. Go back down the path to Gnarl. To his right will be a pillar with the number 5 over it. This is how many minions it takes to use or move that object.

Some items can be used with less, but it will take longer time. Follow this new path.

A cut scene will start. The Overlord will meet Bob.

Help him with his problems. Send your minions to smash the pumpkins and destroy his farm.

When the farm comes down a Halfling will run out and attack you. Kill the Halfling.

When the Halfling is dead, a path to the left of the farm will have opened up.

Send your minions to finish clearing the way.

When the way is cleared, start following the path again. Gnarl will talk to you when you get to an island that is reachable only to minions.

Sweep your minions over the island. The minions will break the pots and get some gear for themselves.

When the minions are done continue on the path to the right. At the top of the hill will be some sleeping Halflings.

Send your minions in for the kill.

Now continue down the path to the right. Keep going until you reach the pumpkin patch and the tower heart.

Clear the pumpkin patch.

Now that is done, have your minions carry the tower heart. The minions will carry it to a nearby wall.

Hit the wall with your axe and it will fall creating a short cut.

Cross the new bridge and watch the minions carry the heart to the tower teleporter.

Return to the tower. A cut scene will begin. Gnarl will mention getting a crane to clean up your little shack. He also mentions that you can control 10 minions and now have a fireball spell.

Now go back to Mellow Hills. In Mellow Hills summon your minions. Now go to the town of Spree. There are two ways there. One is the long way which you followed when you first arrived in Mellow Hills. Or the second way is back across the short cut the minions found. I suggest the long way to kill the sheep and jars. This will equip some of the newer minions and get you more life force. When you get to where you found the tower heart there is a pillar blocking the path to the village.

Move the pillar by sending some minions.

Once the way is clear, continue on the path to the village gates.

A cut scene will begin. To enter this village, you need to prove you’re not a Halfling. Well go to the right on the path.

When you get to the grass on the right side, Gnarl will point out the Halflings in the grass and tell you to use the fireball spell on them.

Cast a fireball at the grass and watch the Halflings burn.

When the fires have burnt out continue on the path to the right.

The Overlord should reach a bridge. A cut scene will show some Halflings cross the bridge.

Cross the bridge. Set the grass on fire.

There may be more Halflings that survive the fires, so send your minions to mop them up. Gnarl will bring up a point about corruption. Uncorrupt. Just leave the peasants alone. Corrupt You can kill these peasants for some corruption. Also killing the sheep and looting the jars give you corruption.

Continue down the path. As you follow the path there will be a path to the right. Take the right path and kick the wall for a shortcut.

Go back to the summon pit. To the left of the summon pit is a Halfling camp. Kill the Halflings.

Sweep the Halflings on the raised platform first. They're stonethrowers. They will pick off your minions as they fight the other Halflings.

When the area is clean, sweep your minions into the wheel. This will open the gate.

Go through the newly open gate.