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Overlord Walkthrough Mellow Hills - 10 Servants

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This side quest is for a corrupt Overlord. To start this quest, you need 32% corruption. Either go to the tower teleporter, or come out of it. The first servant is waiting for you there.

The second servant is near the sheepies... err the sheep you first kill.

The third is just after where you found the sleeping Halflings.

The fourth is to the left of the entrance of Spree.

The fifth is standing near Archie in Spree.

The sixth is next to a house to the left of the Castle Spree gate.

The seventh is in the sheep pen near the Evernight Forest entrance.

The eighth is to the right of the bridge on the way to the slave camp.

The ninth is to the right of the slave camp entrance.

The tenth attacks your minions as they carry number nine back to the tower.