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Overlord Walkthrough Mellow Hills - After Halfling Homes

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When you get back to Mellow Hills the gate will now be open. Go through the gate. There will be a Halfling house and pumpkin patch to ransack.

Have your minions open the gate with the wheel.

Now time to crash another Halfling party. This area may be hard. When you enter Melvin will run. The minions will be bewitched by the violin player. When you have control, hold LT to target the violin player and then kill him.

If you’re going for a Uncorrupt game, this will not give you any corruption. Sweep this area of Halflings.

Now there is another broken red wheel here. It is time to find the parts. Get on the raised wooden platform.

After the platform to the right is a hill. There will be a bunch of Halflings and Halfling houses. Sweep your minions to kill the Halflings and their houses.

At the top of the hill will be a red wheel rod. Have a minion grab the rod and run it back to wheel.

Go back down the hill. At the bottom, go to the right. Follow this path to an open area.

In the open area will be a big bonfire. Keep your minions out of it. The fire will kill them. Sweep the area of rats. Then have a minion grab the red wheel rod and run it back to the wheel.

Go back to the red wheel. Have your minions open the door. Once the door is open a chef and a bunch of Halflings attack. Kill the Halfling group.

Go through the now open door.