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Overlord Walkthrough Castle Spree

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Back in Mellow Hills, go to the village of Spree. Once there, go to the left side of town. Have your minions open the gate. Have some red minions with you.

Go out the gate. Follow path straight ahead. Send your reds into the burning house to put out the fire and activate a red summoning pit.

Continue on the path that goes around the house. Go up the hill and in the fire will be the smelter.

Now for the fun part. Have your minions pick up the smelter. They will start heading for the teleporter.

When you reach the house that was on fire Halflings attack. Call your minions back and have them attack. Sweep the area for Halflings.

Follow the path through the fields and the Overlord will come to a bridge. Kill the Halflings that are guarding it.

Once the Halflings are all dead, have your minions lower the bridge.

Cross the bridge and there will be three Halflings to the right of the bridge. Kill the three Halflings.

Go back to the left of the bridge. In the pumpkin patch where the tower heart was will be four Halfling stone throwers. Kill the stone throwers.

Now go back to where you left the smelter. Have your minions pick the smelter back up. You should have clear sailing now. Go to the tower. Gnarl will tell you to go to the forge.

In the forge Gnarl will have the forge master tell you about making and enchanting weapons and armor.

Make some of the other weapons if you like. When you are done go back to Spree. In spree, go to the right towards Archie. Go to the left of the well.

When you reach the T intersection go left. To your right will be the gate to Castle Spree. Have your minions open the gate.

Go through the gates to Castle Spree.

Once in the Castle Spree grounds there will be a teleporter to your right. Follow the path over the hill. To the right will be some fires to put out with red minions.

To the left will be a red and a brown summoning pit. And some fire beetles. If you follow the left path you can get some more life-force and gold.

Have the reds put out the fires.

Follow the path up the hill. There will be a human near the fire beetles. Have your minions kill him.

Continue up the path, the draw bridge will be up at the end of the path.

To the right will be two more humans. Have your minions kill the humans.

Follow the path to the right past where the humans were. As the path wraps around towards the castle a human will drop down and attack.

There will be a fire next to the tower the human came from. Have your red minions put the fires out.

Once the fire is out there will be a wheel to open the gates. Have your minions lower the draw bridge.

Go back to the draw bridge. Cross the bridge in to the castle.

In side will be several humans. Sweep the castle grounds of all the humans.

There are more humans to the right of where you entered the castle grounds. Also on the right is a tower object that increases the Overlords heath by one. Have your minions take it to the tower.

Go back to the main part of the castle. Have your red minions put out the fires blocking the entrance to the castle. There seems to be a glitch, if you go back to the tower before putting out the fires. The fires will be out when you return.