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Overlord Walkthrough Mellow Hills - After 10 Servants

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Go to the right and have your minions open the gate.

Next have your minions clear yet another barricade.

Now kill the Halflings with your minions.

Go up the hill and kill more Halflings.

Go down the path to the right. At the bridge have your minions turn the wheel and drop the bridge.

Going back towards where you fought the Halflings, on the left will be a ruined tower. Inside is a tower object. Have your minions move the tower object back to the teleporter. This gives you the Domination spell.

Now following the path past where we just fought the Halflings. The Overlord will come to a Halfling house. Ransack it for some equipment/loot.

To the right of the Halfling house is the path you want. Start following it but be careful. Up ahead is a bunch of Halflings and another troll. Kill them all with your minions.

After the fight, to the left is a gate that you can't open. Further in to this Halfling camp is a door and a wheel. Turn the wheel to open the door.