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Overlord Walkthrough Royal Halls

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Oh joy four flamethrower dwarves. Just use the nearby bombs to kill them. Be careful though, when a bomb goes off parts of the ceiling will collapse.

After the flamethrower dwarves are dead the gate opens and two gun dwarves come out.

To the left down a small passage is a big bag of gold. Have your minions grab the bag.

Go through the gate. In the next room is a teleporter, all four summoning pits, and health/mana fountains. In the room after this is Goldo and Rollie. When you get halfway in to the room Goldo runs in to the room behind him.

As you near the door out comes Rollie. He is so easy. Walk behind the pillars to avoid his fire. Get behind Rollie and just start whacking him with your weapon.

Halfway through Rollie's life is a cut scene. After the cut scene he changes tactics here, Rollie will charge the pillars and walls. Just get behind him again and continue the assault.

When you get his life all the way down take the final swing and kill him for good.

After Goldo is dead go in to the next room. You find Goldo's gold and the Elvin women. Uncorrupt Save the Elvin women by turning the wheel.

Corrupt Have your minions grab the gold.

A cut scene will begin of the Royal Halls collapsing. Once outside run back to the tower teleporter. Then use the tower heart and go to Ruborian Desert.