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Welcome to Portforward's Pixel Piracy Tutorial. In this guide, I will be showcasing the basics of this game and how you can go from a ragged drunk in some random tavern to a mighty pirate! Keep in mind that the information I can provide is limited because the game is randomly generated.

Begin with clicking "New game" and selecting a save slot.

Then write in the name of your character along with the name of the world you'll be playing in.

You can also toggle this button between Campaign Mode (We'll be going through this) and..

Arena mode which is less adventure and more combat.

When done, you will be taken through a variety of "elements" that you can choose and add to your world. Here in this example, we can choose between having more monsters, introducing more different and mysterious characters or adding deeper NPC plots for existing ones.

In the other segment, you can choose between having more enemies on the open seas, have the game introduce plague and disease or have the nights be much longer and dangerous, both by third parties and by your disgruntled crew.

Next segment is choosing your starting bonus. You've got a stronger weapon, an extra crewmember or 20 gold. I heavily recommend the Falcon Blade as weapons are extremely expensive and rare while crew members and 20 gold are not.

Moving on are the choices for the world's difficulty. Hard, normal and easy. I strongly recommend taking easy because morale and food can become incredibly tedious after playing for a while.

Last difficulty is the knockback setting. It will dictate how much you will be getting smacked around during combat along with how much your smacking will do to enemies. The middle of normal does well in most cases.

When done with all of the above, you will have the opportunity to customize your characters. There's five settings in total, all with different colors..

Which allows for a very wide variety of customization.

Once you have something you like, click "Confirm" to get started.

The world will procedually generate itself..

Before it drops you onto an island.