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Plague Inc: Evolved Walkthrough Single-Player

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Welcome to Portforward's guide to Plague Inc: Evolved. The main objective of this game varies but the main idea is to develop a virus/bacteria/parasite, etc, that infects the entire human race and then kills them through various symptoms.

You'll start out having only the Bacteria to choose from. And as all other plagues, Bacteria has the biological advantage of being able to develop immunity towards certain enviroments, be it hot or cold. This can be invaluable at times.

As you play, you will unlock genetic codes. These are things that boost various traits of your plagues, be it making them more lethal or just giving you more in-game currency to evolve with. Choose one that fits your playing-style the best and move on.

Here, you'll be able to pick a difficulty. I highly suggest "Casual" first, purely for educational reasons.

Moving on after that Is the part where you have to name your plague. It is how It will be known in the world's media.

Once in the actual game, you'll have to choose a starting point. It can be anywhere in the world..

Although I would personally recommend going for either China, UK or USA due to their sizeable populations and harbours & airplane affairs.

Once you have chosen a starting point, you'll see a red dot. This is "Patient Zero", the origin of your plague.

Eventually, "Patient Zero" will go on about his day, not knowing that he is infected and spread the plague to other people.

As this happens, Orange "DNA" bubbles will appear. Click these to score some extra DNA Points.