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Plague Inc: Evolved Walkthrough The Cure

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At the first sign of lethality, the world will start to work on a cure towards getting rid of you. As this happens, the entire world will focus their efforts on you.. Your plague will also undoubtably make it to the news. But at this point, It's too l

One of the first countermeasures countries will do at the first "serious" signs of you is to shut down airports. Also too late in this example.

Eventually, entire countries will start to break down and fall into complete anarchy.

As this happens, the entire world will focus their efforts on you..

And special, blue airplanes will appear, flying to random countries in order to develop the cure faster.

Special blue "test tube" bubbles will appear. Popping these can be very vital to your overall survival as they will significantly boost the "Research" process on a cure, shown at the bottom right of the screen in blue.

This is the most "efficient" kill circle for you to achieve for maximum lethality. There are other traits that also contribute such as inflammation but they are usually very weak and not worth the dna points.

Evidently, If you played your cards right, the entire world will begin to darken as not only are there massive piles of human bodies everywhere but basic services such as electricity will also shut down.

With only a handful of humans remaining, you have effectively won the game as a Bacteria at this point.