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Plague Inc: Evolved Walkthrough The Future

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As Plague Inc: Evolved is currently only in an early access build, many features of this game are unfinished and you can check this by trying to use certain functions and instead be treated to a "Not Available" popup.

When it is released, however, you'll be able to live through real-life historical scenarios, be it the swine flu, the black plague and even smaller ones such as the common cold that went on an absolute killing spree when the Europeans colonized America from the Indians.

For now, you will have dozens of different plagues to play with and challenge yourself as you see fit.

You can even right now, play as man-made plagues, be it bio weapons or nano viruses, your goal is usually that one to rush against time to infect as many people as possible while avoiding things such as "Kill switches", whereas the government secretly bro

That, however, concludes our Guide of Plague Inc: Evolved! Remember to support the developers by buying the game and more importantly, having fun in it yourself, be it in the Mega Brutal difficulty or the god-mode bacterias, Plague Inc: Evolved offers a lot of sandboxing.