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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Vermillion City

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Head all the way down to the bottom of the city. There'll be a bush that you have to cut to the gym.

This part I cannot tell you how to do. It randomizes every time but a few of the trash bins have switches. You'll have to find all of them in a row. If you don't it'll reset.

Once you FINALLY get the door to open. enter this room where the Gym Leader, Lt. Surge is.

Use "THRASH" with your Nidorino.

That should defeat the Raichu in about two hits.

That's the only Pokemon he has. Probably the easiest battle in the game.

He'll give you the Thunderbadge.

And also a TM.

The TM contains "THUNDERBOLT" a really good electric attack.

Cut the Bush and go onto the right.

Then, enter the Rock Tunnel and use an Escape Rope to get back to Cerulean City.

Break the bush that is at the bottom of the city and head to the right.

Head up and to the right again to head through this Route where the Rock Tunnel will be.

This is a good chance to gain more XP and levels since there's a lot of trainers.

Head down to the trail below.

Keep to the right til you get ot the end of this trail.

Now, head up where'll you'll have to defeat this trainer.

Head up to this area and head to the right now.

Jump over the grass ledge and get to this trail.

Head to the right now.

Go down this walkway now.

Now enter the Rock Tunnel.