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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Cerulean City - Route 9

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Proceed to the right until the trail goes down. Follow the trail.

Then, keep to the right.

When you're here, jump over the grass thing.

You will now enter Cerulean City. Kinda complicated.

I went into the PokeCenter from all that battling.

Go through this little walkway and enter the house directly in front of you.

Head through the back door and along the trail to find a Rare Candy.

Get out of the house and continue through the right and up the brick road.

You'll meet your Rival here for another battle.

Continue along this road to beat all these trainers. Gets you tons of XP and levels for your Pokemon.

At the end of the road, there'll be a Rocket Team member. Just defeat him.

BIG NOTE: Enter the walkway to the upper left of the cornor. Here is where you get one of the three starters. This one does not require your Pikachu's (which I put in my PC) mood, like the other ones.

Just talk to this guy and he'll hook you up with a Charmander.

There'll also be a TM next to him.

Continue to the right to even more trianers. You'll again get more XP and levels for your Pokemon, an absolute need for future gym battles.

After finally getting through the Route, I entered Bill;s Cottage.

He apparently turned himself into a Pokemon. After you go to the PC o get him fixed, you'll get a ticket to the S.S. Anne, the ship that your Rival talked about.

I went across this bridge and to the left and followed it to get back to Cerulean City.

Now, enter the house to your right.

And go through the back.

There'll be a Rocket team member looking for a battle.

After that, head straight down.

Enter this building to your right, we're going to the S.S Anne first!

Continue through this hall to get to Vermillion City.