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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Cerulean City Gym Battle

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Head to the right of the PokeCenter where the Cerulean City Gym will be.

When you enter, go around the swimmer. Just so you don't waste your Pokemon's health. Unless you want more XP.

There isn't a way around this trainer so you'll have to battle her.

NOTE: I have my Charmander I got from the guy in Route 9 I believe, my now Nidorino, since it evolved, and my Pidgey. You'll mainly need the Nidking throughout the game but you can of course change them how you like.

After you defeat the trainer, it's time to go against Misty, the Gym Leader.

Use your Nidorino and use the move "THRASH".

One hit kill, if he's up to the same level as mine.

The "THRASH" attack will continue onto the next enemy.

You'll beat Misty after another 'THRASH".

She'll give you the next badge.

Also, you can use "CUT" now.

Exit the gym and head to the left then down to the Bike Shop.

Talk to the cashier and you'll get your bike.

After that, teach "CUT" to a Pokemon so you can cut bushes that'll lead to trails and shortcuts.

Also, if you have TM's, teach those to Able Pokemon.

A bush will be at the bottom of the town, to the left of the bike shop.

It'll lead you to the trail where the shortcut is to Vermillion.