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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough S.S Anne

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Head to the left to the last house that way.

Talk to this guy and he'll give you the bicycle voucher so you can claim a bike, really helpful for long trails and routes.

You should probably head to the PokeMart to stock up on items.

Then I went ahead to the S.S Anne.

Start by going to the left.

NOTE: In some of these rooms, there are items. I do not grab any since thiswas my speed run through it.

Head down the stairs at the end of the hall.

Go down the hall and turn right, not down those stairs.

When you reach the end of the hall, your rival will be there. Of course, defeat him.

Now head to the Captain's Cabin.

After talking to him and "rubbing his back" he'll give you an HM, Cut.

Now head back out of the S.S Anne.

Say bye to that short adventure!

NOTE: For a shortcut to Cerulean City, head to the cave right outside of Vermillion City. Make sure you haven't used a PokeCeter out of Cerulean City so this can work.