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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Pewter City

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With those three Pokemon, with full health, I went to the gym.

There's no real method on to beat these trainers, that'll be on you.

The tip I can give you is use the Nidoran. Very usefull against these rock types.

Make sure those Pokemon are all the way healed for the gym leader's battle.

Now, onto Brock. The Gym Leader.

Bring out your Nidoran and use "DOUBLE KICK" on Brock's Geodude.

And do it again after he attacks.

He should be defeated by those two hits. If not, give him another kick.

Now, Brock's strongest Pokemon, his Onix.

Use leer to kick his defense now since it's so high.

Use it again so his defense is very low.

Then, use "DOUBLE KICK". He'll have less than half of his health.

And of course, use it again after he attacks.

And you'll defeat Brock!

He'll give you your first Pokemon League Badge. One step closer to facing the Pokemon League!

You'll also recieve "FLASH". Teach this TM to any Pokemon just make sure you have it taught to one to use in caves.

NOTE: I deposited my Pikachu in my PC in the PokeCenter.

Now head to the right of Pewter City to Route 3 to head to Mt.Moon.