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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough The Start of Something Wonderful

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NOTE: As long as you follow this walkthrough with Pokemon you have, mainly only the types you'll need, how much you train, and who you trian, you'll beat it as fast as possible.

Head downstairs to start your Pokemon journey.

Walk through the grass to have Professor Oak come and get you.

When he comes and get you, a Pikachu will appear, which will probably be the only one you see in the game.

Professor Oak will attempt an succed to catch the Pikachu.

He will then lead you to his lab in town.

The Professor will give a lecture about Pokemon, blah blah go walk to the Pokeball to get your Pokemon.

But once you press A to get it, your Rival (U in my case) wil snatch it away from you.

Professor Oak calls you back and then gives you Pikachu.

You will walk out with your brand new Pokemon but, of course, your Rival will want to battle you.

Your Pikachu will come out. Sorry the frame didn't capture the HUD but just press "FIGHT" and find the move you want to use. The strongest one is "THUNDERSHOCK".

After you beat him, if you do, your Pikachu will level up.

Your Pikachu will pop out of its Pokeball after the fight since that's its preference.

Now walk up Route 1 to Viridian City to do one last task for Porfessor Oak until you can officially start your journey as a Pokemon Trainer.

NOTE: Your Pikachu will be fully healed after the battle with your rival. But it wont do that anymore. You'll have to use PokeCenters for now on.

Walk up the road that's to the right of the PokeCenter and the PokeMart will be on your right. Enter it.

The cashier will call for you to deliver something for Professor Oak.

After he gives it to you, walk back to Pallet Town down Route 1.

When you deliver the parcel to him, he'll talk to you and your rival about the PokeDex and give it to you.

Afterwards, enter the house that's on the right to get the map from your Rival's sister,

Then, it's now time for your journey to begin.