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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Saffron City

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After giving the guard the drink so he'll let you through, head to Saffron City.

Bike to the second building on you left. Enter this building.

Head straight then to the right to find the elevator.

Get to the 10th floor to start your journey to find out why the city is in hiding.

If you wanna get some items, head to the left and down then defeat the Rocket team member and you'll eb able to get these items.

One of the items will be the TM "EARTHQUAKE".

Now, ehad all the way to the right and go down.

Get into this room and step on that portal right beside my character.

You'll end up here and have to face this Rocket Team member.

After you beat him, walk to the right.

You'll find a "CARD KEY" that can open the doors in this building.

Now, go back to that portal so you'll be back where you were, then reenter it so you're on the other side.

Open the door on your left side now.

Enter this portal now.

Continue through the hallway and then turn this left.

And open the door to the left.

There'll be a portal inside the room. Enter it.

And your rival will be there. Defeat him.

NOTE: Besides 'THRASH", "EARTHQUAKE" is a really good move with your Nidorino

Then, enter the other portal in the room.

You'll meet Jesse and James when you get there. Of course, defeat them.

Continue down the hall and open this door.

There will be the President of Team Rocket, Giovanni.

He should be easy but I'll still walk you through it since he's kind of a major boss.

I used X Accuracy to help with my accuracy.

The, I used X Speed.

Now, you'll get first turns and most of your hits won't miss.

Earthquake got Giovanni's Nidorino in one hit.

Horn Drill got his Perisna in one hit, too.

Earthquake got his Rhyhorn in one hit.

And my Horn Drill got his Nidoqueen that was L41 in one hit! Wow!

And that'll be it.

I used an Escape Rope to get back to the last Pokemon Center I used.

Too bad it was in Celadon. So I biked back to Saffron. You guys should probably use Saffron City's PokeCenter so you don't have to bike back.

Then, the gym will be open. The Gym is in the upper right part of the City, shuouldn't be too hard to find, since there's two.

Enter the one farthest to the right. The other one is a dojo.

This will be a bit confusing. Just try to follow. Go through this portal.

You'll end up here. Go through the upper left one.

Then, the lower left one.

And the lower left one again.

Then, you'll arrive were the gym leader is.

I use X Accuracy to increase my Nidorino's accuracy.

Then I used X Speed.

Earthquake is a one hit ko.

It works again for the Kadabra.

And the Horn Drill was a one hit ko for the Alakazam.

She'll give you TM46 along with a badge.

Now go back the way you came from.

Or do what I did and used an Esacpe Rope.

Either way, get back to Celadon City and travel to Fuschia City.