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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Cinnabar Island

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Get down to this trail.

And enter this house.

Since you got the Gold Teeth at the Safari Zone near the Secret House, give it to this guy.

You'll get HM04 which is Strength. One of your Pokemon will be able to move boulders.

Then, fly to Pallet Town.

Now, teach your Pokemon the HM's so you can get to Cinnabar Island.

Get close to this water area and use Surf.

Just head straight down to get there.

Now enter this building that's at the upper left cornor of the island.

Head down the hall and go upstairs.

Now, to the right...

And up and to the left to this room.

And up these stairs.

Now, go up to this statue and press the hidden switch.

Go down to this way.

Now, go down and to the right where stairs will be at.

Now, head in the room to the left and flip this switch.

Get out of the room and head to the right where another hallway will be.

Go enter this room with beds and press the switch at this statue.

Now, go walk to the left on this hall.

And then down to this room.

Here will be the Secret Key.

Use an Escape Rope to get out of this building.

Since I haven't used another PokeCenter, I need to fly back to Cinnabar.

And since you've gotten the key, you can now get inside the Gym.

Use this tape player thing. When it asks you yes or no, say Yes.

Then, it'll let you through.

Do the same with these ones. Answer the question and head through the door.

And again with this one.

And once again with this one.

Also, with this one...

And again...

FINALLY, you'll get to battle the gym leader.

Use X Speed.

Then, one hit ko Ninetales with an Earthquake attack.

Use Horn Drill on this Rapidash.

Another one hit ko.

And again another Horn Drill attack with the Arcanine.

Once again, another easy gym battle.

Use an Escape Rope for the easy way out.

Now, get back to Viridian City to finally get the last badge.