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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Road to the Elite Four

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The guard will check if you have a badge, then he'll let you through.

This will happen for all the badges.

Just follow the path, isn't hard.

Finally, you'll get to Victory Road. The worst part of this game probably.

Move the boulder down then to the right.

Now, get it up here.

Then, get it to this hole.

Now go back to these stairs.

Then, go up this way and go down the ladder.

Move this boulder to this hole now.

There you go.

Now, go up these stairs.

Continue to the right now.

Go down these stairs

Head up this way now and to the left.

Then, use the ladder up ahead.

Now, move this boulder to the left.

And now move it to this hole. You should probably save your game often here just in case if you make a mistake.

Then, exit this place and go back to the right.

Go back up this plateau.

And get down here.

Head to the right and push this boulder in the hole.

And jump in.

Now, move this boulder to the left.

And into this hole.

Now up the stairs and up the ladder to the left.

Go down the ladder that's above you.

Then, through the exit on the right.

Now head down the little hall to the right of the exit and go straight up.

Heal your Pokemon before you face, The Elite Four. And then, The Pokemon League Champion.