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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Viridian City Gym

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After entering the gym, head up...

Then head through this way after you go against this trainer.

Go past the trainer and battle this one.

Now, go back out then in since that trainer is in your way and he'll spawn back to his spot.

Turn left now.

And Giovanni will be there waiting for you.

Use X Speed.

And then Earthquake for a one hit ko.

Then, Horn Drill on the Persian for another one it ko.

And again Horn Drill on this Nidoqueen.

And of course, Horn Drill on his Nidoking.

Finally a change. Use Surf on Giovanni's Rhyhorn.

And that's the way to win it!

Now, make your way out.

Now, it's time to head on this trail to the Pokemon League.

Go to this upper brick road and not the lower.

Oh joy. Your Rival is here.

Just defeat him. Beat the hell out of him. Leave no remains.

Now, continue down the brick road then go over the grass hedge.

And keep going left.

And finally there'll be this huge building. Now, here will be the road to the Elite Four.