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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Fuschia City

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Bike to this trail to the left of Celadon City and you'll find Snorlax.

Use your PokeFlute to wake the Snorlax up.

You'll have to battle him now.

Now get to the other city.

Bike down this way now.

Now go to the right to get to Fuschia City.

Head down this way to get to the Gym.

The hard thing about this is there are invisible walls. You can easily see it when you play it so just follow the path.

Now for the battle. I used X Accuracy to increase my Accuracy.

And of course X speed.

Horn Drill totally demolishes Koga's Venonat.

And his other Venonat.

And his other one.

And also his Venomoth.

Now, you defeated him.

You'll recieve TM06 along with a badge.

Now, exit and head to the Safari Zone.

You'll have to cut bushes to get there it's hidden in the back.

Pay the 500 monies to get in and get what you're looking for.

Head to the right and go through the way on te right.

Go up these stairs and to the right and down those stairs.

Then head up to this plateau and up the stairs.

And then to the other side.

Now head to the left and make sure you're on this trail.

Head up these stairs onto the plateau.

And onto this side down those stairs.

And then up and to the right.

Now up and to the left.

Then when you get to the end, head straight down.

And to the left will be the mysterious house.

You'll get HM03, Surf.

After you teach it to a Pokemon, walk around so you can get out or find your way out.

And then, go back to Celadon City. Now to hit the Celadon City Gym.