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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Pokemon League Battles

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Go down the hall to the left of you and enter this door to face the Elite Four.

First: Lorlei Type: Ice First Pokemon: L54 Dewgong

Use your Nidorino/Nidoking -- depending if it' evolved or not.

Use X Speed. X Accuracy will help too.

Use a yper Potion if Dewgong's attack is strong.

Horn Drill will do it for this Dewgong. One hit ko too.

Also do it again with the Cloyster.

And again with the Horn Drill with Lorlei's Slowbro.

Her Jynx will get demolished with your Horn Drill.

Even against her Lapras, the Horn Drill is no match.

Thats it.

Use an PP restoring item on your Nidorino/Nidoking and restore the PP of Horn Drill.

Also, heal your Nidoking/Nidorino.

Off to the next person.

Second: Bruno Type: Fighting First Pokemon: L53 Onix

Use X Accuracy.

Then, use Horn Drill that just completly wreks this Onix.

Use Horn Drill on his Hitmonchan too.

Same thing with his Hitmonlee.

Again with the next Onix.

"Not effective". Yeah, right...

Another Horn Drill for the Machamp in gray!

And Bruno's finished.

Off to the next one.

Third: Agatha Type: Ghost First Pokemon: L56 Gengar

Use X speed.

Then, use Earthquake.

Use Earthquake again to finish him off.

Use Thunderbolt for the Golbat.

And use it again to take him out.

Use Earthquake to one hit ko this Haunter.

Do it again with her Arbok for a one hit ko.

And use Earthquake on the Gengar.


Restore your Nidrino/Nidoking's PP and health for the last of the Elite Four.

Fourth: Lance Type: Dragon First Pokemon: L58 Gerados

Use X Speed first.

Then, cleverly, use Thunderbolt. One hit ko.

If the Gerados did enough damage, you should use a Hyper Potion.

Then, use X Accuracy.

Use Horn Drill for that one hit ko.

And again, Horn Drill.

Even his Aerodactyl is defenseless to our Nidorino/Nidoking's Horn Drill attack.

And again with his Dragonite.

Done. Now off to the Champion.

Restore your Nidorino's/Nidoking's PP and HP.

Your Rival is the Pokemon League Champion. Oh boy.

Champion Type: None specifically. First Pokemon: :61 Sandslash.

Use Surf to the Sandslash.

One hit ko.

You better use a Hyper Potion.

Use X Accuracy now.

And Horn Drill will finish him off.

It'll also finish his Exeggutor.

It'll demolish his Magneton too

Of course, Horn Drill is strong as ever against his Cloyster.

And of course, Horn Drill with his Flareon.

And you won.

After Oak's lecture, he will put your Pokemon in the Hall of Fame.

And that's it. I hope you enjoyed this game like I did when I was a kid. Also, I hope this walkthrough helped you out. Game on!