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Welcome to Portal 2. When instructed, move the mouse to look up and down.

Walk over to the Painting with W A S D keys.

Return to your bed and press E to interact.

Chapter 1

Walk to the door to let in Wheatley, your new partner.

Try talking to Wheatley to learn how to Jump (Space Bar).

Wheatley will move the room around. Don't worry, it's impossible to fall out.

Jump out of the room and onto the broken glass to enter the testing area.

Step through the Orange portal to come out of the Blue portal. This works both ways.

Pick the Cube up with E and drop it on the button by pressing E again.

Enter the elevator at the end of the puzzle to go to the next level. This is now a given, and will not be explained again.

Push the button next to the room you want to get into to make a Blue portal appear in it. Use the Orange portal at the back of the room to get through. Get the cube from the first room, take it to the button room, and then open the portal to the exit door.

Go to the podium in the middle of the room.

Oops, you fell through the ground. Progress forward to find the Portal gun v1. This Portal gun can only make Blue portals that connect to Orange portals. Shoot a Blue portal on one of the white walls and keep going.

Place a Blue portal on the wall next to you to get to the platform with the Orange portal. Then, shoot a Blue portal near the exit door and walk through the Orange portal.

A cube will drop in the hole. Jump down into it, shoot a portal in there, and take the cube to the button.

There is a cube in the hole in the back of the room, do the same thing as last room to get it out. To get the second cube, go through a portal to the platform where the orange portal is at, then shoot the blue portal behind the second cube. Walk through, grab it, and place both on the buttons.

Now you are trapped in a room. Shoot a Blue portal on the wall so you can escape onto the roof.

Place your portal under the left cube dropper and press the button behind the pressure button. The cube will drop through the orange portal, put it on the pressure button and walk up near the exit.

Place your portal under the second cube dropper, and press the button for that to drop a cube. Wait a few seconds and press the other button to raise the ground to prevent the cube from flying into the water. Grab the second cube and place it on the button by the door.

Portal yourself out of the starting ditch into the room. Place your portal at the centre of the hole in the middle of the room. Jump through it from above to fling yourself across the room.

Shoot your portal through the hole under the cube to free it. Jump back down, set up the fling jump again, and jump through with the cube. Put the cube on the button by the door.

Welcome to advanced flinging! Now the Orange portal is in the hole, and you need to place your blue portal where you want to fling out of. First put it on the ramp to the left of the room (from entering). Fling through the portal to land where the cube is.

Place your portal up on the wall on the right (from entering) and jump through with the cube. Place the cube on the button that is up there to make a platform in front of the door. Jump through the flinging portal again to land in front of the exit door,

No puzzle in this room, place your blue portal in the other room and jump through to your pal Wheatley. After he drops down, pick him up and put him in the wall terminal (be sure to turn around, he's doing some serious hacking).

Pick Wheatley back up and take the new route behind the test chamber.

Make your way through Glados' messy chamber to the back behind the incinerator. Jump down from the stairs and continue walking.

Enter the control room and help look around for the right Switch. You won't be able to find it, so plug Wheatley in when he asks.

Plot time! Wheatley accidently awakes Glados, Wheatley gets thrown away, and you get dropped into the incinerator!

Thankfully you survived the fall, progress onwards to find the Dual Portal gun!

Now that you have the Dual Portal gun, you can place both portals. Use this to get past a few obstacles and back into the main tests.

Chapter 2

This one is simple, Place a portal under the laser and the other portal above the receiver so the laser goes in. Be sure to stand on the moving platform before connecting it.

Jump over the laser and grab the cube by using portals. This cube will redirect a laser that's pointed at it. Place the cube so that it redirects the laser into the receiver. Go up the stairs and use portals to get the cube up the platform with you.

Get the redirection cube onto the platform that rose out of the ground and redirect the lower laser with the cube. Then, use portals to connect the second laser to the other receiver.

Place a portal on the white surface after entering the test, and portal across to the button. From there, place the portal you DIDN'T place to the left of the door on the laser to make the platform start moving. Take the cube on the platform to get to the exit (be sure to jump the laser).

Time for Aerial Faith plates, stepping on them will send you flying in a controlled arch. Use them to jump to the other side and press the button to drop a cube. Use the Faith plates to jump across the room and catch the cube mid air for the button by the door.

Jump onto the faith plates to bounce across more faith plates all the way to the exit. Be sure to setup your portals on the two white ramps. Once on the other side press the button twice to get the cube, and drop it onto the button in the far corner with portals.

Oh look, the Companion Cube! Grab it and use it to block the laser, get on the moving platform, and the use portals to remove the cube from blocking the laser so you can go up.

Now that you're up top, use portals to get the cube up here too. Use portals to fling yourself (and the cube) to the button. Put your portal on the other ramp and fling up to the exit.

A new element is added, the fizzler! Just like the ones at the end of each test, these will reset your portals and destroy cubes. Using the hole in the glass, set up portals between the fizzler to get the cube (after pressing the button). Redirect the laser with the cube to open the door.

Chapter 3

Jump on the faith plate until the ceiling is lowered. Place portals so the faith plate shoots you up through them to the upper level. Put one portal on the ramp that goes to the button and use the faith plate to press it. Do the same on the other ramp to get the cube that just dropped.

Redirect the laser like in the picture, then use the third ramp to faith plate yourself up to the exit platform. From here place you portals on the wall you redirected it too so it goes into the receiver on the other side.

Take the faith plate up one floor, then setup your portals to fling yourself over to the cube. Grab it and take it up to the first laser, and block it. Jump down and take the faith plate again to go up two levels.

Press the button and catch the laser cube. Take it down one floor to the first laser. remove the cube and replace it with the redirection cube so it faces the white wall in the picture. Place a portal there, grab the normal cube and take the faith plate. Place the other portal on the wall so the laser goes into the receiver. Grab the cube, and take the faith plate one last time. Place the cube on the button.

New element, the light bridges! Portal across to the other side where the button is, and notice how the bridge goes through the portal. The button activated the cube dropper.

Stand in the middle of the bridge over the gap, and change the bridge to where the picture shows. Follow the path and keep doing this trick to get to the cube. Grab it and head through your portal back to the start. Then just use the bridge to get to the exit.

Use portals to get the bridge, go back to the start with it, and line it up underneath the cube dropper. Press the button, catch the cube and use the bridge to take it to the exit door.

Turret time! Don't stand in front of them for too long, or they'll shoot you silly. Pick up and drop the first turret from behind. Peep around the corner and shoot a portal behind the second turret to get behind it. For the third turret, just quickly put a portal underneath it, it'll fall over by itself.

Next part involves using portals to drop objects on top of turrets to knock them over. Do this for the two in the hallway and progress onto the three by the exit door. If you're out of cubes to drop, using dead turrets also works.

Next room is easy, use the cube and portals to redirect the laser through all the nodes.

Note how the turrets can't see you through the light bridges. Portal the bridge so you can get past the first turret. Place the bridge as a wall on your right side so you can pass to the back of the room.

Place the bridge where it is in the picture and jump on a faith plate to land on the roof. From there, walk across the glass and drop down behind the 4 turrets. Knock them all over and take the cube. Before placing it on the button, put the bridge so the two turrets by the exit can't see you. Then, portal behind them and take the exit.

Stand on the button and use portals to line the laser up with the three turrets to blow them up. Go and grab the two cubes, putting the normal one on the button. Take the redirection one to the end of the laser, and redirect the laser through the glass to blow up the other turrets. Then, redirect it into the receiver and go to the exit.

Extend the bridge over the button, and move the cube overtop the button so it also blocks the laser. Stand on the moving platform and change your portals so the bridge disappears and the cube falls on the button. The laser will also go into the receiver, the door will open and the moving platform will rise.

Chapter 4

After Glados crushes your dreams, head into the test chamber. Portal over to the far side and push the button. Set the light bridge up so both the cubes land safely on the ground and push the button again. Take the laser cubes over to the laser and use them to take out the turret. Then position then through all four laser nodes and into the receiver at the end.

There are three cubes in this room, use portals to get all three down on the floor. For the third one you will need to do some quick change flinging. To do so, put a portal above the faith plates, and then one on the floor near them. Jump through the portal and when you fly back out of it, change the portal above the faith plates to where you want to fling from. When you fall back through the one on the ground, you will fling out like a normal fling.

Using normal portals and the quick change flinging, get you and the cubes up to the laser, and zig zag it across the map, going through all the nodes. Before redirecting the last one into the receiver, be sure to destroy the turrets by the door with the laser. After that, you simply need to quick change fling over to the exit.

Use the two laser cubes to put the three lasers into one portal at the three angles in the picture. Then put the other portal in front of the three receivers by the exit door.

It's the last test chamber, and it's actually pretty easy. Just get the bridge up by the button, press it and walk across the bridge to get the cube- wait, what happened?

Wheatley came through, and is busting you out of here! Follow Wheatley out of the test chamber as he explains his plans.

You will be trapped in a room with turrets. After knocking them over, use the white wall to portal out through a small gap in the wall. After walking a bit more, you will find another turret. Simply put a portal underneath it and keep going.

Glados is now trying to crush you with the walls. Just keep running until you get into the elevator.

Chapter 5

The door will jam, shoot a portal through it and escape like that.

The lights will turn off, but Wheatley will turn on a flashlight. Follow him through the dark corridors and past a few jumping sections.

Time for some portals. Jump shoot across where Wheatley illuminates with his torch to keep following him.

Portal your way onto the turret redemption lines and hop across to the next area.

Portal into the turret firing range behind the target wall. When there is a dud turret trying to shoot, put a portal on the target wall and portal over to the balcony behind the turrets.

Walk around the turret lines to the turret control centre. Wait for Wheatley to "Hack" the door, and remove the turret. Go back out to the turret lines and catch a dud turret getting thrown away. Bring it to the control room and put it in the scanner.

Follow Wheatley to the Neurotoxin station and go up top.

Push the red button near the door, and be sure to put a portal at the end of that laser.

Use the moving white walls to cut the pipes going to the Neurotoxin generator with the laser, then follow Wheatley into the tube.

Portal to the white wall in the picture, and get ready for a story segment.

After that nice story segment, put Wheatley in the receptacle and portal to the button that opens up and press it. Get ready for some more story.

Chapter 6

Make your way through the ruined area with some help from your portal gun.

Pull the lever to get into the vault area. Once in, put portals in the two lever rooms so you can pull both of them in the time limit. Then head into the vault.

Portal into the broken door and keep going.

Get up high and fling yourself through the Aperture logo using the ramp to progress.

Take the elevator up, place your portal on the ramp in the distance, and then fling yourself by jumping down the elevator shaft.

Welcome to the Alpha tests! Turn on the switch and make your way forward into some proper puzzles.

New element, Blue jumpy gel! Use it to jump across to the white walls. Portal up to the platform and jump across to the exit. Press the button there, get the cube and put it on the other button.

Time to fling with the blue gel. Put a portal on the white wall in front of the blue gel and the other on the wall above the moving platform with the cube. Jump on the blue gel through the portal onto the moving platform to get the cube. Put the cube on the button to flip a new white wall. Fling from the new white wall to get to the next bit.

Jump sideways on the blue gel on the walls to zig zag to the cube. Grab it and do the same thing to get back. Put the cube on the second button to flip a new white wall. Fling from that wall to get to the exit.

Portal up the pillars onto the catwalk and then into the next test chamber.

First cover as much of the chamber is blue gel as you can, it really helps. Then, bounce up the stairs with the gel and jump towards the fizzler field. Use blue gel to get up top with the ramp.

Use the ramp to fling some blue gel at the end of the ramp. Then fling yourself out the ramp as well by jumping down for the high ledge. You should bounce to the end safely.

Use the blue gel to fling yourself up to press the button, then quickly use portals to throw some blue gel from the white wall at the back so you can jump up. Do this quickly or the water will turn back on and remove the gel.

Shoot the blue gel from the ramp onto the wall, and then fling yourself through the ramp to the exit.

Shoot a portal under the blue gel from the test chamber bellow and use it to setup a fling in the next area.

Portal the blue gel into the room with the cube so it breaks out. Wash the cube with water and put it on the button. Stand on the elevator and portal some blue gel near the cube so it bounces off the button.

Alpha tests completed! Portal over the Beta tests now.

Portal up the a high ledge and get yourself into the fling in the picture above. While midair, change the portal you aren't about to land on to the white wall at the back. You will fling to the rooms above, activate the gels and continue.

Chapter 7

Get up high by the fan and fling yourself to the Control room with the ramps to the other side. Reunite with Glados (which activated a button). Now fling yourself again, but aimed for the exit elevator.

New element, Orange Gel! this gel makes you move faster while moving on it. Setup a runway of speed gel from the back wall over the ramp, and use that to jump the gap. Keep doing that until you reach the cube, grab it and take it back to the start. Put the cube on the button and run up to the exit.

Put a portal on the ground under the button for the door. Jump down and run along the speed gel into a portal so you fling up to the button.

Make a runway with the speed gel, and drop some blue gel from the white wall above the end. Setup some portals on the pillar so you can run down the runway and fly through the portals to the exit.

Make a ramp on the long platform on the right side of the picture, and make sure to get some gel on the platform above. Fling yourself over to the cube.

Get some blue gel on the top platform by the pressure button, and then flip it over by leaving the cube on the pressure button. Setup a new fling at the ramps further up from the first runway, and fling from them.

Beta tests complete! Make your way to the next test area.

We've got a new gel, and it's all over the place. White gel allows you to make portals on any surface covered in it. Portal up to the pathway where the white gel is spraying, and jump from there onto the blue gel.

Run down the speed gel to avoid being crushed, but time it well. Put a portal on the ramp outside and use the speed gel from before to fling yourself to the Gamma tests.

Use portals to spray white gel EVERYWHERE. Once you've sprayed some out through the grills, escape by using portals. There will be a ramp nearby. Get the white gel and cover the ramp with it.

Spray white gel over the inside of these two pillars, so you can move your portal up further and get more on. Keep doing this until you can portal up to the platform above. From there, setup a fling on the ramp.

Climb up the elevator shaft with portals, and setup a fling in the middle on the elevator. Keep flinging until you get high enough to fling to the exit.

Portal up to one of the beams and place a portal on the ramp. Then fling yourself up to the next floor.

Keeping the portal on the ramp you used, put the other portal under the blue gel so it lands on the next ramp. Fling yourself like just before you go up to the next floor.

Place the portal from the ramp on the white ground and then jump down through the other portal down the bottom. While at the height of your fling, place a portal inside the next floor, and then portal into there.

Setup the runway I have in the picture and run down it to get to the next level. From there, set some blue gel up on the white patch of ground, and take the runway again to hop across to the next area.

Portal up to the area in the picture with help from the white gel. Then portal the white gel into the fan pipe so it gets everywhere. Then you can use portals to get to the top and out of this pipe.

Fling yourself into the small room in the top corner and press the button to activate the lift back into new Aperture!

Chapter 8

Make your way into Wheatley's test room through the vent and place the Franken-cube on the button.

Get ready for Wheatley's self made test chamber, this is going to be hard! ...Oh wait, you just push the button.

Use the funnel to get up the top, and to get across to the cube. Take the cube down the bottom and place the funnel under the button and the cube in the funnel. It will float up and hold the button.

Use the funnel and portals to make your way across the room and to the button. Press that to drop a cube. Do the same trick with the cube from last room to hold it on the button with the funnel.

Get across to the other side of the room with the funnel, then use it to catch and bring you the cube from the dropper (by pressing the button). Move the funnel so it catches you when you use the faith plate, then jump out the side of the funnel into the first side of the room. Use the funnel to get up to the roof with the cube, and line the funnel up with the button. Jump out in front of the door and let the cube press the button.

Use the funnel to push the turret away, and then use it to bring you the cube. Put the cube on the button so the pull of the funnel reverses. Now use the funnel to get over the other side of the room, remove the cube and then push you up to the exit.

Place the funnel in the middle of the room and use the faith plate to get caught in it. Wait until you hit the roof, then move the portal that isn't under you to the ramp and get flung to the exit. Push the button and set the same up for the cube. Put the cube on the pressure button and exit.

Move the bridge over by the fizzler so when you press the button for the cube, it isn't destroyed. move the bridge over by the walkway near the exit and take the faith plate. Walk around and down to the turret area. Use the bridge to assist you in getting the cube on the button. Get out of the ditch and faith plater up to the walkway again and take the exit.

Get the funnel on the white wall on the ground by the faith plate and float up to the ceiling. Then put the portal on the ramp to fling yourself to the cube. Block the laser with the cube, then put both portals on both ramps and take the faith plate to get the redirection cube. redirect the laser into a portal that leads to the receiver, and leave the normal cube on the white wall below the button. Get on the first platform, knock the redirection cube out of the laser, set the funnel up under the normal cube. Move to the second platform and then cancel the funnel.

Point the laser into different receivers for different things. The low one will move the platform while the high one will disable the deadly laser wall. Get on the moving platform and make it to the other side. Line the platform up underneath the dropper and press the button. Get back onto the platform and move it to the other side again with the cube. Have a laser shoot in your direction and use the cube to shoot it back at the receiver by the door. Get back over to the ground and exit.

Press the button by the dropper to have it drop a cube on a platform. Stand on the pressure button to turn on the funnel. Set it up so it pushes the cube of the platform and then catches it and brings it to you. Portal in through the circle in the glass and leave the cube on that button for now.

Use the funnel to carry the speed gel over the room and drop it to make a runway. Go get the cube and leave it on the funnel button. Go to the edge of the map with the exit and place your funnel so it catches you and sends you to the exit. Run off the ramp and into the funnel to be taken to the exit.

Portal over to the button and set the funnel up underneath the dropper. Press the button the catch the gel in the funnel and jump in with it. Once you get to the other side, jump out before and gel splatters. Stand on the button to send it back through the portal, and when most is through, change the funnel so it goes over the turrets and stand off the button. Release the funnel when the gel is over them to fling them off, then press the button on the other side of the glass. Use the funnel to carry you up to the roof, then place your portal on the new white wall to fling yourself with help from the gel to the exit.

Only two more chambers until Whealtey's surprise! You're safe for now, so jump on the faith plate to- oop, looks like you get to see your surprise early!

Chapter 9

Put a portal up by the balcony, and when some white gel lands on a black ramp, put the other portal there. Once the white gel has landed at your feet, portal out of there before Wheatley kills you!

After some simple puzzles along the walkway, you get back into rooms worth writing about. Grab the funnel and use to the get rid of the proper turrets, then take it yourself across into the other room. Drop out before you get crushed and get to the door.

Now take the new funnel and fly out through the door. Switch the funnel position when possible to dodge the smashing plate Wheatley is using to kill you.

A pipe will crush your way, just use the newly created blue gel to jump the gap.

Now you'll enter a room with a ton of turrets. Portal up to the white wall above the shattered glass. From there you can portal blue gel through the big white wall next to all the turrets to knock them over. Then just take the faith plate over to the next railing.

Shoot your portal through the broken window so when you push the button, the bombs break open the white gel and you can portal out.

Jump on the belt and move forward for- OH NO IT'S PULLING YOU BACKWARDS. Stay calm and jump across to the other railway. After that, break open the speed gel with the bombs and cover the belt with it. Then just run along the gel and into your portal on the far end.

Setup the speed gel to launch yourself into the funnel. Get ready for story!

Oh shit son, it's Boss battle time! Wheatley knows all your tricks and she's made a fool proof plan to destroy you! First, hide behind the white gel tube so when he starts throwing bombs, the white gel gets everywhere.

Set a portal on one of the surfaces above him, and one right in front of you. He will throw a bomb through your portal and into himself. Portal up to the upper area and grab the first core. Put him on Wheatley by jumping in the Blue gel.

Now he will keep his shields up, so put the second portal underneath him. After hitting him, jump from the higher area and grab the second core and attach it.

Now he's got underneath and all forward angles covered. This mean's his ass in unprotected though. Do the same thing as the first time, but make sure he's facing the right way. Use the speed gel to grab the last core and attach it.

I'm going to stop here, as the rest is story heavy and very easy. Once you've finished this, you've now beaten Portal 2!