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Power Rangers Super Legends Walkthrough Lost Glexy - Part Two

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Press button and go up.

Go to another side using platforms.

Go down.

Open and enter.

Go to platform and press button.

Jump over gaps.

Go down.

Open and enter.

Press button and

Fight with enemy.

When flame off move forward.

Jump on walls and go up.

Jump on wall located in middle.

Press upper button and come back at this point.

Open and enter.

Use one enemy to go upper places.

Open and go down.

Stay between and enter.

Use gun to smash.

Press butten and go up.

Go down.

Turn-off flams.

Open and enter.

Go up and

Fight with them.

Don not go down,just go in.

Enter in.

Fight with level boss again.

Defeat them.

Block attack and attack again.