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Puzzle Quest Walkthrough Advanced & End Notes

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Sometimes location you need to get to are far away and through several points.

Every enemy is different and you may encounter the same ones several times. Knowing their ups and downs is a big help.

With practice and careful strategizing, you should be able to take down next to all opponents with little to no damage to yourself.

This is done by fully utilizing 4-of-a-kinds..

And your skills.

Rewards increase as your level gets higher. Dallying around too long should be avoided.

Monsters can appear in the world and they are almost always onto roads, blocking your path unless defeated. Dallying too long will mean having to face them.

The shop is a very expensive place to get items.

Even mediocre armor can cost as much as 500 gold.

The most important expendure for your gold is in your castle. Here you can upgrade vaults to get more cash from taking over other Points of Interest..

A forge to create your own items..

A stable to breed mounts..

A mage tower to learn new spells from captured enemies

And other special constructs that boost your basic combat abilities like HP.

Spells will also undiscriminatively unlock as you level up and you can see just when, what and where they do by going to your menu.

You can also unlock and choose companions to have with you to grant unique battle bonuses.

Wildcards are rare rectangular orbs that are counted as all the four elements, namely red blue green and yellow and can be combined with them to cash in on horizontal or vertical line-ups.

But evidently, the best way to progress your character is through quests. There are tons and tons and tons of them that all have unique rewards, paths and stories so this is where our guide for Puzzle Quest ends. Best of luck to you and good hunting!