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Puzzle Quest Walkthrough Getting Started

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Click the castle you start out at..

Select "Get Quests"..

And select the red-texted quest.

You'll be treated to a half a dozen of cutscenes. Feel free to skip them.

Once you have taken a quest, a location will start to shine green. In this case, we received a quest to go and visit our father.

Simply, click there to make the character travel.

Once there, click again to open the menu..

Complete the quest and get a reward.

Puzzle Quest offers a variety of different ways to both customize your character and to spend gold earned in battle & quests. We got a broken shield as a reward from visiting our father. Newly aquired items are automatically equipped so don't worry about it for now.

Click the location again.

Pick a new quest..

And accept it. Now you'll be flung into combat as a training exercise.