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Saints Row: The Third Walkthrough 3 - We're Going To Need Guns

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Firstly, steal a car. You can steal any car not only the car shown in front.

During driving, there's one special task that you should do. Access the cell phone and open map application.

Select the Weapon Store and set the GPS location. Follow the path on the road until you reach the destination.

When you reached the store, buy the weapon upgrade to complete the task. Also, buy some ammo too.

Then, move on to the Guard Armory. Follow the GPS direction.

Kill all the guards here.

Then, go to the marked location.

Again, kill all the guards that attacks here.

After few minutes, you can use the new weapon. Use it to destroy tanks and trucks.

The last part is protect the bomb. Shoot the helicopter repeatedly until it explode.

The mission ends after few minutes later. [END]