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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Pyramid Heads

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James's Scream hahahahaha LMFAO.

Yes! Two of them. Cause Konami thought that having one of them trying to skewer you with a spear is so 3 levels ago. A few notes on Pyramid Head before we begin. First they're fast. We already know that once they start using spears they're faster than when they use swords. Second they do a lot of damage. As much as Eddie's revolver. 1 hit on hard can also send you into critical health. Third, they have a wide range. The spear is long and can hit you from a certain distance. I'd advice that you be cautious of them when shooting.

So much like all the boss battles, we'll be taking advantage of the corners. Run towards one corner and fire 2 rounds of rifle shots on them. I chose the rifle over the shotgun for this battle for 2 reasons. First is because of its range. This is important since the room is big and the shotgun's range is very small. Second is it packs a punch.

Do not! I repeat do not try to load the rifle near them. As you can see it's not a very good idea as they will immediately try to skewer you. Whether you're reloading or shooting at them make sure to run on the opposite corner of the room. Rifles take a long time to reload, it takes as much time as firing 2 shots does.

Keep shooting at them then running and shooting more at them.

Once you damage them enough they'll commit double suicide. Isn't that romantic?