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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Lakeview Hotel: Other world

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After the cutscene head downstairs to the 2nd floor and enter the last door on the left. The same room where there are a lot of books.

This time instead of a book you'll find a pair of headphones hooked to a player. Examine it and James will listen to the recording. Listening to this will affect the ending that you'll receive.

Now leave the room and go to the guest room area of the 2nd floor wing. This is going to be a puzzle-ish room most of the doors connect to each other so you'll have to enter the rooms in the right order.

In the hallways with the guest rooms, enter room 207 and you'll notice that you're standing in front of room 208. After that enter room 204 and you'll arrive at a similar but more damaged looking hallway. Grab the bullets near the mirror and head down the hallway.

Ignore all the rooms and turn right on the corner.

Take the ampoule bottles on top of the table. Enter the elevator door after that and take it down to the basement level.

The elevator will be half filled with water. Exit the elevator and a Lying figure will come crawling. Kill it then enter the bar.

Inside the bar you'll find the motherload of health drinks. Take all of them and go through the door that leads to the bar kitchen.

Take all of the bullets you can find and grab the first-aid kit on top of the counter. It's near where the can of light bulbs was.

Leave the room and kill the Lying figure that lurking around. Open your map and head for the staircase beside the store room. It's the blue door on the north side of the map.

Turn back and leave the room after the cutscene there's nothing more for you to do here.

After leaving the room you'll notice that the place you were sent to isn't the same as the one you came from. Go up the stairs and enter the door above.

Follow the path through to the only door available in the area. From here on the paths will be linear.

In the next room the floors will be made of metal meshes. Which of course means that there will be mandarins waiting to stab you with its tentacles.

Run past them as quickly as you can and get to the door. Once again the path is linear so you can't get lost.

In the next room there's going to be a large dramatic metal door. I suggest you save your game first. Cause if a game gives you this much save points I'm pretty sure shit just got serious. Save your game and equip your rifle before proceeding into the metal door.