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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 2 part 3

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Sam Monroe Escape to Hirasakai with Melissa Gale.

Follow the tutorial and brace the door's the shibito comes to or just kill it

Use The Phone and Dial 508(this will unlock a door later on) Then follow Melissa until the cut scene

Turn around and go back down the cart tracks until you reach a tunnel

In here will be a shibito with a gun, kill him and go inside the pump station room and grab the can opener

Crack him in the back of the head and collect the Gun he wields

On the way back make sure to pull the Track switch on the left hand wall before heading back

Shoot the shibito that are in your way and head back up into the mine

You'll see a cart go a push it and jump on in

Head inside the new opened area

And grab a miner's diary to add to archive

Head back up the mine tracks

Swing a right in the mine area where you pushed the cart from

Mission complete