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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 4 part 1

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Seigo Saiga, Escape to Hirasakai with Sam Monroe.

Follow the tutorial, and shoot the Shibito trying to get Sam,

Then the other one coming up the river.

Then climb down the ladder, shoot the First flying shibito

Head down the stairs at the bottom and swing a left

Kill any shibito you see and head for the house Sam ran into.

He is up stairs, after getting him head out and to the noodle shop.

Inside is the Cop shibito from earlier deal with him

Grab the ?Noodles? on the table before leaving.

Kill any shibito you find along your path

Head back to the stairs you came down at the beginning of this level.

Run up the stairs and go straight instead of heading back to the lookout tower.

There will be a shibito with a hunting rifle he?ll shoot you once

But after that he goes down easy, continue up the path

Mission complete.

Cut scene.