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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 3 part 1

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Bella Monroe, Escape The Saiga Hospital

Open the door

And sneak by the shibito it is dark but you must turn off your flashlight to get to stairs B.

Follow the stairs down, there will be a shibito in an operating room, notice the examine point in between the divider

Watch the shibito as it turns off the device to the left (heart monitor).

Wait till it goes back to work and turn the machine back on, then run back to the examine point and ?squeeze? through it

Run to The door in the back right corner

And through to the next door, go to the C Stairs and head down

Follow the path until you meet up with a shibito

Wait till she goes into the room opposite from the incinerator

Head inside the incinerator room and look for the reception key and pick it up

Quickly hide in the Incinerator.

After the Shibito goes back to her business come out and head for the stairs A and go up.

At the top you will find the reception office, unlock it & go inside

Call for help on the intercom, Cut scene.

Sightjack ?The Shibito? trying to get into the door

And run down stairs A.

At the bottom you will find a Nurse shibito wait for her to go to work and head for the locker room

Hide in a locker

By now that ?Shibito? you sightjacked should be nearing your location,

Wait for him to head up the elevator and leave your hiding spot

Head into the kitchen down the hall

Look for a kitchen timer, click on it, quickly run back to the locker and wait for the shibito to go investigate

When it does run through the room it was in and to the Employee stairs straight ahead

Squeeze through at the top of them,

Cut scene. Mission complete