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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 3 part 2

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Howard Wright, Escape to Tabori With Miyako.

Sneak up to the spot on your map that looks like a tree in the East Fields.

Climb it. Cut scene,

Sight jack Miyako so you can keep and eye on her.

Head west to the drop off.

Then follow the path past the church on your map

Go down the stairs on the opposite side

You are now in West fields

Check the Iron Gate to your left

Proceed NW on the map towards the Equipment Storage

There will be a shibito up in the rice fields ( Sightjack them and try and slip by if you want but I kept miyako locked in) If you get caught quickly run for the equipment storage and get a weapon

Lay the hurt on it, after it is down head back to the iron gate. Examine it

Break the chain with your new bloody weapon

Head in, inside is a shibito

Slip by or execute them, and head for Miyako who is in the Dialapidated Shed.

Slaughter any shibito on the way and the few trying to get Miyako at the Shed.

Open the door and get Miyako to follow you,

Head back to the Iron gate now.

Once through there maybe the shibito who was in the rice fields you ?killed? earlier.

If so slip by or attack, and head for the Road to Tabori,

There will be a creek and no bridge,

Knock over the tree to your right and head on over it.

Up the path there will be a shibito attack or wait for him to leave

Continue up the path to the left.

Mission Complete,

Cut scene.