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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 5 part 1

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Episode 5

Melissa Gale, Find a clue to the whereabouts of Bella Monroe.

When you start you?ll be outside the Hospital you?ll need to find a way inside.

Straight ahead are a few lockers and two storage boxes

Climb up on them and then onto the roof.

On the roof there will be a window to jump in.

Once inside go to the door and watch the scene, afterwards run to stairs A

(Which is just to your left as you exit the room) Head all the way to the top and check the door for a checkpoint.

Now you need a key which just so happens to be down on the first floor,

Run down the stairs to the first floor,

Once there it?ll be the first door to your right coming off the stairs

Sightjack the spider shibito in there to revel the key to the roof,

Open the door and toss a flare. (Down on the d-pad) Grab the key and head back to the roof locked door up stairs A.

Unlock it go through and around to the right for a cut scene,

You can go check the valve up on the roof of the door you came out of but no idea what it does

Jump down the hole in the railing

Head for the door and go through

At the bottom hang a left and go into the research lab

Grab Seigo Saiga?s notebook from the cart.

Now head down the hallway till you see a cut scene,

It?s a nurse pushing a Shibito Brain in a wheelchair,

After the scene sightjack till you see Seigo saiga and watch his conversation,

Which reveals the room number to call later on ?201?.

Now head for the Elevator and go down to the basement,

After a few seconds the door will shut, which gives you time to sightjack the area.

Look for the nurse pushing to Brain.

Once she passes by run into the kitchen, grab the kitchen knife.

Track her down and try and KO the brain first, then the nurse, Cut scene.

After the scene head to the elevator and up to floor 1

On the first floor go to the surgery prep room and use the phone to call Sam.

Mission complete