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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 6 part 2

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Bella Monroe, Reach the Irazu Valley Church.

Once the level starts open you map, looks like we go to east fields,

Head that way avoid the shibito, if you get caught RUN for the objective which is the church by the way.

There will be a fallen tree you need to climb under as your first obstacle, picture- 1493 Hide in the fuel storage if you need to it is on your right after the tree.

Next off to the Dilapidated Shed,

If you get caught try and hold the door shut.

If not run for the Iron gate,

Avoid the ?Sol Shibito?, and maggot shibito

(Remember shibito are slow you can out maneuver them.) Once through the gate swing a right head up the stairs..

Mission complete