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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 5 part 2

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Amana, Recall lost memories.

Follow the tutorial and sightjack the shibito with your brooch,

Follow her, she?ll meet up with a male shibito at the Church

Watch as they talk? And wait for them to go inside

Follow and pickup the signal flares on the floor to your right

Watch the shibito you have sightjacked the one with the Brooch, she?ll put it in a box at the statue,

Head down there and toss a flare when near the three shibito.

Grab a beer bottle and go to town on them. picture- 1152 After they are down? Cut scene.

Grab the kitchen knife before you leave and release you sightjack

Head back upstairs you?ll get your first memory

Sightjack to find it like the Tutorial said to,

Next stop Mitamura House.

Kill the shibito inside the house and take her dagger.

Head into the living room to find a memory, Sight jack to find it take note of the name,

Deal with any flying and regular shibito and head down to past the Noodle shop.

At the end of the broken street is a path to the left

go down it to find the ?Gateway? and a memory,

Sightjack to find it use this picture as reference for later

Now to the Graveyard.

Deal with any resistance and head for the stairs behind the Karibna Noodle shop

Once at the graveyard search for the name from the memory from the Mitamura house,

Using sightjacking of course,(it may take a few graves as it seemed to change each time trough)

Once you found it examine it and break the seal with the picture above.

Now back to the Statue under the Church kill any shibito on the way there,

Break the seal

Then head back to the gateway

Kill any resistance you encounter

Once you reach the gateway scene will play

Mission complete.

Cut scene