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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 7 part 1

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Howard Wright.

You need to reach the Nest Core

Head down the road till you see a path to the right

Shoot the Shibito in your way and head up the stairs

On the roof execute the shibito and grab his Rifle if you want(you?ll have to drop it in a minute anyway)

Jump off the roof and go to the rack outside of the Lucky Triangle and grab the mining pick

Head over to the Boarded up Doorway at the house to the NW of you.

Knock the boards down with the Pick

Once inside a Shibito will come execute him

Head down the hallway and up the stairs

Head out the back and Bang! Shibito! Kill him

New Objective Kill Shibito Brain

Swing a Left outside & head up the path till it dead ends in a room with a closet with a hole to small for you to examine

Run back to where you came out of the house and down and across the gap.

Now into the shack on the left

Run through until you come back outside, you?ll find an examine point (same as before to Small)

Run up the stairs on the left, down the hall to the doorway

Go out the other side, jump down a couple times

Check you map out you need to head to the Abandoned House, or you can go get a Gun from the sniper first

Personally I?d go get the gun to do so kill the Flying Shibito and run to the bridge.

Duck and stick to the left side of the bridge picture- SightJack till you find the Sniper on the roof,

Make you way over the bridge sticking to the left wall

Soon you?ll see a building with a Lever Turn it

Pass under it and around the side of that building there will be a barrel or two

Climb up to the top of the roof and kill the sniper and take his weapon

Head across the street and up the stairs there

At the top it will dead end but there is a roof to the right to jump onto,

Jump down to the bottom of the path.

There will be a Shibito with a gun on the balcony directly in front of you kill him

Head inside the Lucky Triangle at the end of the path

Inside will be a Flying shibito

And an 8mm film for the Archive

Now head back to the abandoned house and kill you a shibito brain.

Once there head inside and hide until you sightjack the brain

Wait until he come in and shoot him or whack him with some kind of weapon

Head back over the bridge

To the end of the street to the NE

And climb up to the roof

Mission Complete