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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 8 part 2

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Melissa Gale, Escape to Karuwari with Bella Monroe.

After the scene tell Bella to hide under the bed

Run out the door and up stairs to the roof you unlocked in an earlier episode

Once on the roof climb back up to the valve you could examine earlier on the roof of the roof

Turn it on for a scene and go back to Bella Leave the room and swing a left but go outside instead of using the stairs

Hop down and grab the Sake bottle near the doorway

Head inside on the stairs will be a nurse shibito sneak up and kill her and take her scalpel

Now head to stairs B and go to the basement might be a nurse on the way kill her if so.

At the bottom go to stairs C and go down again now your in the basement, head to the incinerator

Have Bella hide in the Incinerator and get the archive grab the Iron Poker before you leave.

Now back up stairs A to the ground floor, across the way is a nurse in the room kill her take her pot and switch back

Head out and to the glass doors and examine them for a scene

Afterwards leave the room and close the door and head down stairs C at the bottom is a locked door

Unlock it and go inside and hit the switch for a scene

Leave the room for another scene and head back up stairs C

Run into the Surgery prep room and through the Operating room, head to the elevator on this floor

Inside is a nurse, kill her and go to 2nd floor

As soon as you exit out the elevator on the 2nd floor swing a right and attack Sol before he gets Bella

After he is down Bella will flee in fear and hide somewhere sightjack to find her and head to her

After reunited head back to the glass doors you examined a minute ago

They are jammed what do you know, head back up stairs A and inside of the restroom make Bella hide

Head into room 203 across the hall and grab the whiskey bottle if you haven?t got it yet

Jump out the window and down to the ground and head for the door and grab the sign blocking it

Head back to bella

Now back to the doors, once outside walk towards the lockers to your left out of the glass doors for a scene with Bella grabbing something

Head for the gate that leads out of here

Mission Complete