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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 9 part 2

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Seigo Saiga, Help Bella Monroe escape and acquire the Ancient Book,

Start out by shooting Sol

Then a flying shibito then a walking one who is in Bella?s way

Head down the ladder and book it to the noodle shop kill the shibito in here

Bella will run out the back and back around the Matsui house head there fast and shoot the shibito

This will help Bella escape, now onto the roof

Jump across and fall in the hole you fell in earlier with Amana and Miyako

Pick up the archive on the heater for a scene

Now head upstairs to the closet Sam was at the beginning and open it kill the thing grab the key

Now head for the Worship hall kill the drunkard shibito and go inside

The bookcase in the back examine it, scene

Mission Complete